We created many concepts around how the band would attach. Some core concerns were ease of attachment and large features that were easy to use with limited dexterity. This type of empathetic design is a core competency at Design Edge.
  We did research on what bands on the market fit well and used Anelto’s size research for their customer base. We needed to deliver a product in one or two SKUs that would fit virtually anyone.
 We developed a few different styles, with a small and large version of each. For the smaller size, we chose a gold and peach theme, which is more on the feminine side, but could be used by either gender. Our research showed that adding a Color Material Finish treatment that had a hint of a precious metal would resonate with the user.  The clasping system on this version uses two male fasteners and several female receptacle slots. We maximized the size of each of this components to make it as easy as possible to attach.
 In this concept, we again made a small and large size and applied the same Color and Material considerations. The large version is shown in this rendering with the blue theme. To add some visual interest and jewel-like feel, we created a metal bezel. The transmitter unit itself has a substantial range and our team had to be very careful of disrupting that signal. We worked with electrical engineers to ensure that we would not obstruct it, and found that our metallic pieces could exist around the outside of the button, but not directly on top of it.  The clasping technique in this band was designed to eliminate the “tail” of excess strap created in the standard system. Each end of the strap has a male post and each also has female slots to create a great deal of adjustability without ever having excess.
  The final version that we designed was a one-size-fits-all approach. The male and female post and receptacle system is used once again, but with excess strap length. The extra length would be trimmed off once by a caretaker or nurse when setting up the strap.
  Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) prototypes were made to be evaluated for size, mechanical fit and aesthetic evaluation. One initial direction will be picked and taken to production.
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